Missoula Medical Aid works with rural and impoverished communities in Honduras as they seek to improve health and access to health care.

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    Healthy Homes and Farms

    Improving living conditions and the environment

    La Esperanza, Siguatepeque, and Intibucá Honduras


    MMA partners with Save the Children and Honduran county governments to help farmers grow a variety of grains and vegetables, learn techniques that will help them farm more effectively, and start and grow small businesses, such as bakeries or corn mills. This program decreases child malnutrition, and allows innovative people to remain in their communities and thrive.


    $1000 can buy a corn mill so a rural group can start a business. $200 can help a group of Lenca craftswomen adorn a beautiful market. $50 can help a family buy seed and fertilizer.



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    Food Security

    Feeding hungry families

    La Esperanza, Honduras


    MMA partners with Save the Children, PRODIM, and Honduran county governments to distribute food to families most in need. In the past two years, this program has fed thousands of hungry people, many of them children.

    $50 buys food for a family of 4 for one month.

    $500 dollars buys enough for 10 families.



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    Dental Hygiene 

    Preventing tooth decay, and building healthy habits

    Intibucá, Honduras


    During the course of a year, we provide almost three thousand children with toothbrushes and toothpaste. The children receive instruction in their schools on how and when to brush. They are given calendars to fill in to reinforce the habit. These children are the first generation in their communities to brush regularly, and by partnering with Save the Children and Honduran dental health professionals, our money goes a long way.



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    School and Health Care for Children

    Making sure children in Honduras get enough to eat

    Siquatepeque and Intibucá, Honduras


    MMA partners with PRODIM, a private daycare and preschool, to help cover the costs of scholarships, food, and health and dental checkups. These are kids whose families have had many difficulties, and who otherwise wouldn't have such opportunities. The cost is $20 per month per child.


    $250 can sponsor a child's education, nutrition and health care for an entire year.

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    Rural Medical Brigades

    Providing health care in isolated rural areas

    Orocuina, San Lorenzo, Yamaranguila and La Esperanza, Honduras


    Each year we send multiple teams of medical providers to Honduras to give rural and impoverished communities access to basic health care.

    We set up day clinics in rural schoolhouses and work alongside our Honduran partners to:

    • provide basic health exams for up to 5 thousand people annually, and provide referrals and funds to help with follow-up care for approximately 150 of our more seriously ill patients
    • conduct approximately 300 women’s health consults and cervical cancer screenings
    • distribute hundreds of thousands of vitamins, and hundreds of pairs of reading glasses
    • provide referrals and leave funds to help give our more
      critical patients access to further exams and treatment
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    Surgical Brigades

    Orthopedic Surgeries

    La Esperanza, Honduras


    The public hospital in La Esperanza unfortunately does
    not offer orthopedic services. Once and sometimes twice a year, Missoula Medical Aid volunteer orthopedic surgical teams work in the La Esperanza hospital to provide free specialized treatment. The work they do changes people’s lives.



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    Dental and Eye Clinics

    Ongoing access to dental and eye care

    The La Esperanza Lions Club Clinic Intibucá, Honduras


    We pay the salary of a Honduran dentist to work three hours a day, five days a week, fifty weeks a year in the La Esperanza Lions Club clinic. The Club provides the space, the equipment, and the clinic management.

    Because this is a fully functioning dental clinic for low income patients, the government of Honduras places an intern in the clinic as well.


    We also help pay the salary and training of a technician to perform eye exams and fit glasses in the eye clinic.

    The Lions Club dental and eye clinics see around 3,500 patients a year, people who couldn’t ordinarily afford to go to the dentist or get corrective lenses.

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    Nursing Scholarships

    Increasing opportunities

    La Esperanza, Honduras


    We partner with local nursing schools and Save the Children in La Esperanza to chose and provide scholarships for four low-income students each year.


    Criteria for selecting recipients of nursing grants:

    • The student’s desire to study and graduate
    • Community work performed
    • Economic need

    These students come from impoverished areas in Intibucá, and many stay and work in the government health centers scattered throughout these areas.