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    Missoula Medical Aid works with rural and impoverished communities in Honduras as they seek to improve health and access to health care.

    Healthy Homes and Farms

    Improving living conditions and the environment

    Guided by Save the Children, La Esperanza, Honduras


    Missoula Medical Aid raises money to support Save the Children's rural community projects that make homes and farms healthier and more productive. The idea is that people living in a healthier and more productive place will get sick less often. We support farmers and rural cooperatives that improve family cook stoves, start small businesses, and help producers grow a wide variety of vegetables such as tomatoes, strawberries, potatoes, cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, cabbage and lettuce. We help with the purchase of dairy cows, so families are making, selling, and eating cheese.


    Early Childhood Nutrition

    Making sure children in Honduras get enough to eat

    Intibucá, Honduras


    In many communities in Honduras, the chronic malnutrition rate is almost 40 percent.  And when children between the ages of zero and six don’t get enough to eat, they are more vulnerable to illnesses for the rest of their lives.



    We partner with Save the Children to fund a nutrition and early stimulation program that feeds a daily good meal to around 130 young children, and pregnant and nursing mothers, in the communities of Chiligatoro and Pueblo Viejo, Intibucá.


    The food is grown in a community garden, or purchased in the local market, or donated by other international charities and distributed as part of a Honduran government program. The mothers gather daily to cook in a central kitchen. The parents are taught nutritious recipes and given classes in child stimulation and development. The children are weighed regularly, taught good hygiene, and provided a safe and stimulating preschool. The result of this program is healthier children and thriving communities.

    Dental Hygiene 

    Preventing tooth decay, and building healthy habits

    Intibucá, Honduras


     During the course of a year, we provide almost three thousand children with toothbrushes and toothpaste. The children receive instruction in their schools on how and when to brush. They are given calendars to fill in to reinforce the habit. These children are the first generation in their communities to brush regularly, and by partnering with Save the Children and Honduran dental health professionals, our money goes a long way.



    We also provide a weekly fluoride treatment program for all school children in the 20 to 30 communities we visit each year. The fluoride is given to the children each week by their classroom teachers.

    Rural Medical Brigades

    Providing health care to people who live in isolated rural areas

    Orocuina, San Lorenzo and La Esperanza, Honduras


    Each year we send three teams of medical providers to Honduras to give rural and impoverished communities access to basic health care.


    We set up day clinics in rural schoolhouses and work alongside our Honduran partners to:

    • provide basic health exams for up to 5 thousand people annually, and provide referrals and funds to help with follow-up care for approximately 150 of our more seriously ill patients
    • conduct approximately 300 women’s health consults and cervical cancer screenings
    • distribute hundreds of thousands of vitamins, and hundreds of pairs of reading glasses
    • provide referrals and leave funds to help give our more
      critical patients access to further exams and treatment

    Surgical Brigades

    Orthopedic Surgeries

    La Esperanza  Honduras


    The public hospital in La Esperanza unfortunately does
    not offer orthopedic services. Once or twice a year, Missoula Medical
    Aid volunteer orthopedic surgical teams work in the  La Esperanza  hospital to provide free specialized treatment. The work they do changes people’s lives.


    Dental and Eye Clinics

    Ongoing access to dental and eye care

    The La Esperanza Lions Club Clinics


    We pay the salary of a Honduran dentist to work three hours a day, five days a week, fifty weeks a year in the La Esperanza Lions Club clinic. The club provides the space, the equipment, and the clinic management.


    Because this is a fully functioning dental clinic for low income patients, the government of Honduras places an intern in the clinic as well.  


    We also help pay the salary and training of a technician to perform eye exams and fit glasses in the eye clinic.


    The Lions Club dental and eye clinics see around 2,500 patients a year, people who couldn’t ordinarily afford to go to the dentist or get corrective lenses.

    Nursing Scholarships

    Increasing opportunities

    La Esperanza and San Lorenzo, Honduras


    We partner with local nursing schools and Save the Children in La Esperanza and San Lorenzo to chose and provide scholarships for four low-income students each year.



    Criteria for selecting recipients of nursing grants:

    • The student’s desire to study and graduate
    • Community work performed
    • Economic need


    These students come from impoverished areas in Intibucá, Valle or Choluteca, and many stay and work in the government health centers scattered throughout these areas.

    Community Medical Boxes

    Increasing access to basic medicines

    Valle, Choluteca, and Intibucá, Honduras


    We've worked with Save the Children to train health volunteers and develop micro-businesses that sell basic medicine at low prices in isolated and impoverished rural communities.



    In October 1998 the most deadly storm to hit the Americas in two centuries, Hurricane Mitch, devastated much of Honduras. The owner and employees of Nightingale Nursing in Missoula, Montana, read about the disaster and went into action-they immediately organized and sent four medical and rebuilding brigades over the course of the next four months. In those first few trips, we began to form relationships with Honduran organizations, relationships that have become partnerships that turn our money and labor into efficient clinics and productive health-improvement projects.


    In the world of international aid, we are a small organization. We have just two quarter-time employees, so the great bulk of our work is done by our volunteers and Honduran partners. This means your donation, because it is teamed with thousands of volunteer hours and the facilities, talents, and services of our Honduran partners, goes a long way.


    We partner with Save the Children, Honduras, with the regional public hospitals in San Lorenzo and La Esperanza, with the La Esperanza Lions Club, and with various government agencies in Honduras. Our partners drive us, house us, feed us, fill out our paperwork, and do follow-up care for our patients when we are gone. 


    • They also select and educate our scholarship nursing students.
    • They teach rural health volunteers how to do basic health care and distribute basic medicines at the community medical boxes we have funded. 
    • We buy the chimneys, and Save the Children teaches people how to build more efficient cook stoves to reduce smoke in the home.
    • We buy the heifers and seeds, they teach farmers how to take care of their livestock, grow the seeds, and sell their harvest. 
    • We help buy the food, they train mothers and fathers in childhood development and nutrition.
    • We buy the fluoride and the toothbrushes, they give them to school children and teach dental hygiene.
    • We identify the more seriously ill patients in our rural clinics: they help those patients get further treatment.


    Sarah Mulligan

    Executive Director

    Jordan Labbe

    Missoula Operations Manager

    Board of Directors

    The folks who make it all work


    Russ Parsons, PhD
    Vice President:
    Ric Mcleod
    Caitlin Derry, CPA


    Diana Podlecki, PA
    Board Members:
    Andrew Puckett, MD

    Martin Horn

    Paula Colledge, MS PA-C

    Andrew Funk

    Ita Killeen, MD

    Kim Olson

    Doris Martínez

    Honduran Operations Manager


    Watch this beautiful three-part film by Colin Ruggiero which follows one of our teams in Honduras.



    Check out our YouTube channel for interviews by volunteer doctors, nurses and more.

    Additional Missoulian article can be found HERE.

    Additional NBC coverage can be found HERE.



    October 18-27, 2019 rural clinic team

    Team #60

    Team Leader: Doris Martinez

    Work Site: La Esperanza, Honduras

    Host: Save the Children, Honduras

    Desired applications: MD, PA, NP, RN, Interpreters


    January 22-February 2, 2020 rural clinic team

    Team # 61
    Team Leader: Doris Martinez
    Work Site: Orocuina and San Lorenzo, Honduras
    Host: Save the Children, Honduras

    Desired Applications: MD, PA, NP, RN, Interpreters


    April 2020 ortho surgical team and rural clinic team

    Team #62

    Team Leader: Doris Martinez

    Work Site: La Esperanza, Honduras

    Host: Save the Children, Honduras

    Desired applications: MD, PA, NP, RN, Interpreters, Orthopedic Surgical Team Members




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