• Passion

    In many communities in Honduras, the chronic malnutrition rate is almost 40 percent. And when children between the ages of zero and six don’t get enough to eat, they are more vulnerable to illnesses for the rest of their lives.


    We partner with Save the Children to fund a nutrition and early stimulation program that feeds a daily good meal to young children, and pregnant and nursing mothers, in the communities of Chiligatoro and Pueblo Viejo, Intibucá.


    The food is grown in a community garden, or purchased in the local market, or donated by other international charities and distributed as part of a Honduran government program. The mothers gather daily to cook in a central kitchen. The parents are taught nutritious recipes and given classes in child stimulation and development. The children are weighed regularly, taught good hygiene, and provided a safe and stimulating preschool. The result of this program is healthier children and thriving communities.


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